Happy Marriage Equality Pride New York City & Worldwide!

...  in 30 days it will pass into law. So glad we are seeing this in our lifetime and now the waiting game begins till we see it fully go through on July 24, 2011. Congratulations LGBT, this is a major step in the right direction to human rights for all equally. When we first met back on October 3, 1993 we never even thought of getting married or even thought we would be here 18 years later. But here we are today and marriage is for everyone, gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bi. Such a special time in New York [...]

Omega, Danny’s, Rumples, the Zipper, the Bushes, the Duplex

...  great ads from a time in New York City where gay establishments were all around you in Manhattan. Out of all these bars Duplex is the only bar still around in 2011 (Not in the location stated in picture 4). Disco Cabaret Omega – 347 West 41st Street Danny’s Bar – Disco – Sunday Brunch – 108 Montague St. Brooklyn Rumples Salt & Pepper Dancing – Cruising Bar – 140 7th Avenue So. Off Sheridan Square Playroom Yonkers (Gay Owned) – The Zipper 371 West 46th St. ...

Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Before Stonewall

...  started in 1945 a Funmakers Ball that was held every Thanksgiving which lasted into the 1960’s. Strutting and prancing. LGBT Blacks & Hispanic impersonators would fill the Harlem Rockland Palace with elaborate handmade gowns (before Sally’s Hideaway & Sally’s II). This was a time in New York City when going out really meant going out and each outfit were hand stitched to perfection. While everyone was inside strutting their stuff and having a good time for prizes. Police would wait for them outside Harlem’s Rockland Palace and as they left police would arrest or harass them. Women were of [...]

Wilding in New York City With Nelson Sullivan 1989

...  club kids heading to the world famous Copacabana night club when it was on 60th Street. Strolling down west 57th Street going towards the east side of town, they by pass stores that are no longer in business like the wig store with private booths for men (shhhh you take that banana), Lother’s, Charivari and also a few that are still around like Bergdorf Goodman. Check out Musto’s outfit in this video, loving it! Thank you again Nelson Sullivan for making these awesome once upon a time in New York City real life videos. You are definitely missed. Gay [...]

Heading to the World Night Club and Roaming Around the City. Christopher Street After?

...  Warm fall night, tripping with a few friends in the Bronx and we all spontaniously decided to goto the World night club in alphabet city. Baby, Mel and myself started skipping our way over to the four train on Jerome avenue singing “The House Of God” by DHS which was our favorite tune at the time. During this time in New York City you were able to smoke on the platform & trains, and not worry about anything.      Such a nice time in New York City. Most of the time when we would venture into the city, We would ride in the last [...]