On This Mother’s Day We Celebrate a Mother of the House

...  Laurent Manolo Blahnik or just Octavia St.Laurent. A Transgender powerhouse who ruled the Harlem and New York City Ballrooms from the late 1980’s thru to the new millennium. She started in Paris Is Burning (documentary) 1990 along with Pepper Labeija, Dorian Corey, Anji and Venus Xtravaganza. Octavia was featured in the movie The Saint of Fort Washington in 1993 starring Danny Glover and Matt Dillon. Miss Octavia’s last film was How Do I Look (documentary) 2006 which also starred Willie Ninja ( the Master of Vogue). Octavia St.Laurent was born March 16, 1964 and died of complications from HIV on May [...]

Malcolm McLaren, Opulance, the Dance Floor With Willi Ninja

...  celebration of the Harlem, New York City drag  ball culture with Deep  in Vogue (1980) Malcolm McLaren’s dedication to the stars of the drag balls and the many houses such as: House of Ninja – Willie Ninja (1961 – 2006) House of Omni – Kevin Omni (1958) House of Labeija – Crystal Labeija /Pepper Labeija (1948 – 2003) House of Dupree – Paris Dupree (N/A) House of Xtravaganza – An ji Xtravaganza (1966 – 1993) House of Ebony  Malcolm McLaren born in North London in 1946 designer, singer-songwriter, band manager (Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, Bow Wow Wow) and [...]