The Club 181 Lesbian Drag King & Gay Drag Queen Cabaret 1944 – 1953

“The Club 181″ located at 181 second avenue was the most infamous lesbian & gay night club in during the mid 1940’s up until 1953 when it finally closed.

From the crafty mob influence, to the most elegant top performers in Drag & Drag King attire, to the elegant decor, The Club 181 was the “It” club of Manhattan and catered to a large queer audience.

Once the Club 181 closed in 1953 it resumed in a new location better known to most as Club 82 and known today as the Bijou 82. Pictured below is an original piece of ephemera from The Club 181 from 1951 to

club181 42x300

club1812 66x300

club1813 45x300

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