The Eagle’s Nest, Zone DK, 10 1/2″ Club, Hell, the Lure, Memories and Memorabilia of Old Gay New York City

Here’s a little glimps of our collection of things we’ve picked up from old bars here in during the early 1990’s. First piece is a button from the L.U.R.E that was located on 13th street 409 west building, which means: Leather, Uniform, Rubber, Etc. . The Lure was mentioned in the HBO series Sex In The City, the episode where Samantha (Kim Cattrall) was moving above the L.U.R.E and also bought her leather/rubber goods from there in this episode.

At this point we knew the Lure and the beautiful dirtiness of that area days were numbered. No more prostitute  & trannies in this area, no Mikes for chub chasers & their admires, no Jay’s Hang out (for those late night sex fiends or a place for bartenders to wind down), no Hellfire, no Vault, no Bear cave, no Western Beef, no Dizzy Izzy’s bagel shop.

Second piece is a business card from the original on Twenty first street and eleventh avenue 554 West. With this area we new the Eagle’s (& The Spike) days were numbered once the city decided to build the Chelsea Piers sports complex.

Third item is a Eagle’s Nest pin back button that was bought in 1994. We remember buying this from Richard the bartender which still works in the new Eagle on twenty eighth street and eleventh avenue. Fourth piece from the collection is The Eagle’s Nest twenty fourth year anniversary button which we had the honor of attending.

Last piece in this photo is our membership card from the Zone DK, Boystown, 10 1/2″ club, Hell sex club, which would get you into Zone DK (paddlesnyc) at a discounted price of $5.00 or in our case free.

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Zone DK, Hell 10 1/2″ Club, Boys Town Night Club, Jeff Soto New York City

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