The Immortal Dorian Corey Does It Again

Miss Corey was a Showgirl and drag performer who was born in Buffalo New york in or around 1937 and died in Manhattan New York City in 1993.

The doyenne of Paris is Burning, Sally’s Hideaway and before that The Pearl Box Revue. Mr. Dorian Corey traveled to Atlanta Georgia to be interviewed by Betty Jack DeVine at the Velvet Club. This was after the movie (Paris is Burning) and at the height of Madonna’s Vogue movement.

The video shows Dorian hanging with Betty Jack and chatting about the many trophies she has collected over the years for the Balls she had attended. Dorian also gives Betty Jack a lesson in voguing and prancing back and forth, even though Dorian wasn’t much of a voguer, she knew the basics.

Dorian Corey interviewed by Betty Jack DeVine, Courtesy of misterrichardson. Thank you

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