Wayland Flowers, Madame’s PuppetMaster 1984

Born November 26, 1939 Wayland P. Flowers the master puppeteer who created Crazy Mary, Jiffy and the unforgettable Madame. Madame is one sharp tongued hand puppet who with Wayland became legends in the 1970’s and 1980’s, quoted as saying “Wayland is no ventriloquist and I’m no f***ing dummy”

Wayland and Madame’s first big break was an appearance on the Andy Williams’ Show in the 1960’s. Often the center square after replacing Paul Lynde on the TV game show Hollywood Squares with Peter Marshall. They made their last appearance  in June 1980 the final episode of the original run of the NBC game show.

In 1984 A video was released called Madame in Manhattan, filmed in Battery Park, . A cabaret show featuring none other that our Miss Madame and Wayland Flowers. Wayland Flowers became ill and collapsed on stage in September of 1988, he died 5 weeks later from Cancer with complications from AIDS on October 11, 1988.

WAYLAND FLOWERS AND MADAME IN MANHATTAN PART 1, Courtesy of pvpentertainment2010. Thank you.

WAYLAND FLOWERS AND MADAME IN MANHATTAN PART 2. Courtesy of pvpentertainment2010

WAYLAND FLOWERS AND MADAME IN MANHATTAN PART 3, Courtesy of pvpentertainment2010. Thank you

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