Welcome to the “Legendary” House of Aviance 1989

Born Eric Snead in and raised with seven siblings in Richmond Virginia. When Eric was young his influences were Grace Jones, David Bowie, and Punk music of the 1980’s which set his underground style of his future career in performing.

Eric moved to Washington DC  in the 1980’s and worked as a hair stylist in his off time he would do drag entertaining at the local clubs of DC. While living there he met Juan Aviance (Mother of the House of Aviance founded in 1989) after being inducted into the house he adopted the name Kevin Aviance  later he would move to Miami. In the mid 1990’s he would arrive in New York City.

While hanging at the clubs in Kevin was soon snatched up by the local club promoters and influential club DJ’s. Kevin worked with the Sound Factory dancing and performing with Superstar DJ Junior Vasquez. Kevin was featured in the 1999 movie “Flawless” with Robert De Niro.

Kevin Avaince was attacked in June of 2006 at the East Village section of Manhattan while leaving the club Phoenix by a homophobic group of men. Kevin was beaten so hard his jaw bone was smashed requiring his jaw to be wired shut for over a month, still his strength prevailed and he attended the 2006 Pride Parade in NYC.

Recently Kevin has been ever building the House of Aviance adding new faces and characters to the house like Erickatoure Aviance ( a rising Legendary star). Kevin has also been busy working with Jonny McGovern (Big Gay Sketch Show) producing the East Village Mixtapes one & two.

Check out this groundbreaking video of Kevin Aviance.

Britney Spears’ “GIMME MORE” by KEVIN AVIANCE, Courtesy of  THEJONNYMCGOVERNSHOW. Thank you

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