What About Ossa (More From the Ninth Circle)

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When Jimmy T waited tables so did a lil guy named Ossa, Don was at the door and so was Fred E Tree, and downstairs Kelvin bartended (had pool tournies) Capt fantastic pinball upstairs. Jerry C and Stormy on the weekends upstairs bar. John Koch during the days and John Petino.

Back yard had no canvas back then until Andy Menchel (Formerly Joes) who lived behind it couldn’t take the noise anymore so canvas went up (collapsed after many a snowfall). Kevin Kiley bass player from the mumps, all my childhood friends like Gordon, Wayne ,and Paul Goebel (makeup for Bowie and Grace Jones) , lil lizard David Ireland, the locals started throwing oranges off the roofs during Anita Bryant tirades.

10th street was the best street and the Circle was the best bar. Gay or straight it didn’t matter. Seems like in the mid 80s comedy central cut their teeth in there. and what an area, even Anthony Bourdain worked up the block shuckin oystas and peelin Jumbos. A plethora of talent and the future of American entertainment. So, whens the 9th circle movie gonna happen? Still waitin. love Hummy (just an ole Duck)

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