You’ll Come Again and Again.

Man’s Country Baths which was located at 28 West 15th street was a gay bath house in New York city that opened sometime in the early 197os. It was not as popular as the downtown St.Marks Baths or the uptown Everard Baths.

Man’s Country Bathhouse was located on a residential street in a former office building said to have up to nine or ten floors of orgies (a person who had attended said “that only the top two or three floors were used.”)

It was said that the main orgy room featured a full sized tractor trailer cab for use to fulfill your trucker fantasies. Man’s Country was also famous for its Tuesday dollar nights which would pack them in.

The Bath house Closed at the beginning of the AIDS crises in 1983. The Chicago location is still open for your relaxing pleasure, open since 1973. Below is an original 1970’s commercial of the New York City location. Enjoy

Man’s Country New York Commercial 70s – A Gay Bathhouse, Courtesy of   Southpaw75nyc. Thank you

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